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Help Cherish Sweet Memories We all like to cherish our sweet memories.  More so if we are children.  Children love to cling on to their school memories and memories of their school friends for ever.  They want to remember every moment they spent together, every joy that they experienced and every secret that they shared.  And what's the best way to do that?  Obviously Slam Books. 

Gift your beauty in India an equally beautiful gift and make her feel special.  Book your Barbie now.

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Wonderful dolls as gifts to India

On occasions like Christmas, New Years and Birthdays, people living away from India tend to send gifts to India for kids. And a wonderful doll is the perfect gift as it is bound to make your beloved little one thrilled. It is the perfect gift for your daughter or granddaughter. Therefore the decade old trusted web store of has brought for you a huge collection of dolls. When you wish to send gifts to India, you just need to go to our website and with few clicks of your mouse you can get your doll delivered to almost any part of India. Most of the young girls prefer dolls they can take care of and feel like

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